Security Is On Everyone’s Mind. Is It On Yours?

Security Is On Everyone’s Mind. Is It On Yours?

How much do you think about security? Sure, you lock the doors, turn off the lights, count the keys—but what about the security you can’t always see? Your most precious assets are at risk: your financial data, your files, your online presence, and your customers’ information.

Cyberthieves are savvy—but that doesn’t mean they have to outsmart you. They can be local or global, and they have all sorts of digital tools at their fingertips. They get a lot of press, too—consider the Target and Home Depot incidents. The things you have are valuable: computers, smart devices, servers, websites, and social media. That’s why you have to be not just steps, but leaps ahead of them.

If you haven’t put a plan in place to protect your tech, now’s the time to think about it. In fact, cyberthieves have more recently set their sights on mid-size and small businesses. Companies with less than 250 employees accounted for 31 percent of all the cyberattacks in 2014. Don’t expect the numbers to improve either: Hackers are lobbing attacks this direction because they know that smaller companies have fewer resources to devote to security. And all those breaches are costing you and your customers: The per-record cost of each data breach is $154, a whopping jump of 12 percent in one year. Have one data breach and it’ll cost you immensely; according to experts, about $3.8 million per breach.

Being aware is a good first step. Knowing your weaknesses and tackling them with tools and smarts so they can’t be used against you is vital. Have you taken all the steps you can to protect yourself?

How safe are you, really?
What are your in-house security procedures? Up-to-date software, secure Wi-Fi, protected data, and well-trained employees are the key to keeping your business- and your livelihood- secure. How well do you reinforce to your employees the guidelines that will keep everything, everyone, and all your data safe? If buttoned-up security is part of the training routine and an essential piece of your corporate culture, then your team can focus on what’s important—building your business.

How safe are your customers?
If you experience a breach, you’ll face a difficult road to re-establishing trust with your current clients—and building that same trust with new customers. Ensuring your customers that their information is safe and their privacy is valued is non-negotiable for any business.

How realistic are your fears?
The world seems less secure—but educating yourself on the risks, and relying on professionals who know you, know your business, and know what to do are productive steps to take.

At Deksia, we’re constantly monitoring the risks to social media and your website. We’ll help you create a site and a brand that builds trust—so you can build your business.