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Real World Or Digital Marketing: Which Is Best?

Some people will tell you the future of marketing is digital; others swear by the tried-and-true face-to-face approach. Which is best? A combination of both.

While it’s undeniable that social media, blogging and other digital factors have become hugely important over the last decade, it would be shortsighted to focus solely on online marketing and networking at the expense of real world interactions, and vice versa. “Having a big Twitter following is fantastic, but many people can attest that it doesn’t always translate into new business…online relationships are nowhere near as strong as those you initiate and foster in the real world,” Michael Schein, founder of Michael Schein Communications, said. “At the same time, building relationships solely over lunches, coffees, and cocktail parties is, by definition, limited by time and space. So while brick-and-mortar networkers may build much deeper relationships, they will also build far fewer.” Finding ways to combine one approach with the other will allow you to experience the best of both worlds. For example, a business strategy expert speaking at a conference might continue the conversation via a Twitter Q & A or a LinkedIn group. At the other end of the spectrum, a clothing store might choose to use Facebook to promote a sale at its physical location, perhaps even offering a discount if someone “likes” the sale page, or shows a coupon on their smart phone at the register. So don’t just use the latest toys, and don’t stubbornly stick with old habits. Get the old ways working alongside the new, and get them both to work for you.

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