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Deksia Brings Inc. Magazine’s Lewis Schiff To Grand Rapids

In 2011, Deksia CEO, Aaron Vandergalien, met Lewis Schiff of Inc. Magazine at a Growco conference, Inc. Magazine’s Grow Your Company conference.


Two years later, Aaron and Lewis still remain close. On Wednesday, June 5, Lewis will be traveling to Grand Rapids to speak to a number of Deksia’s clients and colleagues and discussing his most recent book, Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons.

Lewis is the executive director of Inc. Business Owners Council, a membership organization for Inc. Magazine’s top entrepreneurs and owners of closely held family businesses. He also maintains a blog about behavioral entrepreneurship on Inc.com.

In addition to his work with Inc., he founded Advanced Planning Group, co-founded CEG Worldwide and has authored and co-authored several books.

Deksia is very excited to present their clients with an opportunity like this!

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