Everything you’ll need to build and execute a marketing strategy that delivers jaw-dropping results.

With this guide you’ll learn how to:

✅ Create a problem and symptom framework to better understand your audience

✅ Write copy that turns an audience into paying customers

✅ Build a “Unique Mechanism” (one of our most powerful brand positioning tools)

✅ Create a 12 month strategic plan that prioritizes work effectively

✅ Understand the difference between individual tactics vs strategy

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We’ll start your plan by finding the right messages and then put those messages in front of the right audience at the right time. We’ll help you make competitive offers. And finally, we’ll help you distribute it across the channels and media that offer you the best ROI today.

Build your Brand

Your brand is the sum total of what people think, feel, and remember when they encounter your company. Your brand is your reputation in the marketplace and the animating personality with which you communicate with, create for and serve your customers.

Improve your Culture

Developing your brand means you’ll attract individuals who align with your mission and values and retain talent that fits well into your company culture. Over a third of US workers say that they would reject the “perfect” job if the corporate culture was not a good fit.

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