15 Local Businesses to Support During the Holidays and Beyond

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15 Local Businesses to Support During the Holidays and Beyond


Still scrambling to get the last of your Christmas gifts? Don’t worry we have some awesome local businesses that would love not only your support but also to help you on your holiday gift scavenger hunt. 

Whether you are looking for some fine local dining or starting a new sustainable shopping journey, Grand Rapids has some of the most vibrant local businesses to visit. 

From local restaurants that use only local ingredients to literally plant shopping, here are 15 local Grand Rapids businesses that are worth a visit. 



Here are some local restaurants for when you are looking to take a loved one out on a fun holiday dinner escaped 

1. The Sovengard

The Sovengard creates Scandenavian inspired dishes all with local ingredients. They have a strong motto to support local vendors and take advantage of the local ingredients that West Michigan has to offer. If you are looking for a great brunch spot in town that will help you taste the best of West Michigan’s local ingredients The Sovengard is worth your visit! 

2. Forty Acres Soul Kitchen

Forty Acres Soul Kitchen pride themselves on being a local Grand Rapids restaurant that celebrates authentic American culture. This restaurant and bar has a modern and urban feel to it that allows various people to come together and celebrate the story of Black America with the best American Cuisine. This is a must try if you are in Grand Rapids. 

3. Mitten Brewing Company

Mitten Brewing Company Is a vintage baseball theme microbrewery This brewery is known for its fun setting and friendly atmosphere. They are located in an old Victorian building but give it a twist with the baseball inspired decor. You can even commemorate your visit by supporting their shop and buying some cool apparel. If you want some quality beers and hand tossed pizza this is the place for you. 

4. Butcher’s Union

Butcher’s Union is another great restaurant that strives to highlight some of West Michigan’s best local ingredients. From delicious food to cocktails and an impressive Whiskey collection, they never fail to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Be sure to check out Butcher’s Union and support some of their local events. 

5. Royals

Royals used to be your classic neighborhood diner, now they have become a trendy restaurant while still maintaining that home style. With a classic diner style menu you can find some of the best comfort food with a twist. Even if it is winter time, you will be able to enjoy some great outdoor dining with your own uniquely decorated, heated  igloo. Make sure to keep in mind Royals during the Holiday season.



If you are looking to gift your loved ones more of a physical gift rather than quality time, here are some cool boutiques to visit

1. Rosa’s Closet

Rosa’s Closet is a local Grand Rapids boutique started by two locals. This boutique provides luxury clothing items for women of all ages at a reasonable price. Located in one of the best spots in town you can fulfill a day full of luxury shopping and hitting the bars or eating some great food afterwards. Make sure to visit Rosa’s Closet and support local entrepreneurs.  

2. YT Galleria

YT Galleria is a gift shop and clothing store where you will be able to find some of the best quality gifts. From books to puzzles you will be able to find the perfect gift for your loved ones no matter their age. This local business has a little bit of everything for everyone, so make sure to shop local for your holidays.  

3. Urban Exchange

Urban Exchange is yet another urban consignment boutique for women of all ages. They keep their seasonal clothes rotating throughout the year to make sure that their customers find the best matches for themselves. Make sure to take advantage of their holiday sales and get the perfect gift for your loved ones.  

4. Pink Lemonade

If you are looking for clothes for the tiny ones in the family, Pink Lemonade might be the way to go. This shop will provide for you some of the best quality baby, toddler, children and mommy clothes and toys for your needs. Located in Gaslight Village you will be able to take a stroll with your kids around Reeds Lake after your shopping spree.   

5. Lee & Birch

Lee & Birch is a West Michigan local store that provides comfy yet trendy clothing and jewelry for everyone. Having many different locations all throughout West Michigan allows them to be accessible to you whether you are in Grand Rapids or Grand Haven. Make sure to support more local entrepreneurs during this holiday season.  


Miscellaneous Local Businesses 

Finally, here are some miscellaneous local businesses that will be able to satiate your need for trendy and innovative gifts hunt.

1. Argos Book Shop

Argos Books Shop is a new and used book store with a vintage feeling to it. If you are looking for the perfect book to gift, Argos Book Shop is the store for you. Located in Eastown, they provide some of the best quality shopping experiences while being in one of the trendiest areas in town. 

2. Rebel

Rebel is another local shop that is worth your visit. They provide an array of products such as books, lotions, facial masks, holiday trinket, and more. They make sure to provide the best gifts for your loved ones and even provide some Michigan themed apparel and ornaments. Make sure to add Rebel to your shopping list.   

3. Eastown Antiques

Eastown Antiques will provide some of the best eclectic gift shopping this year. Located in Eastown, they are one of the largest Antique Stores in Grand Rapids and provide many different products for you to shop. Whether you want home furniture or a vintage vinyl, Eastown Antiques is the dream come true for the vintage souls.  

4. Woosah Outfitters

Woosah Outfitters is a naturally inspired art and apparel that features the artwork of its owner, Erica Lang. The designs are rustic and are inspired by wood cuts and the outdoors. If you see a design that catches your attention, make sure to buy it before it runs out! All of the products are limited edition and hand crafted in Grand Rapids. Make sure to buy a special and unique gift for your loved ones.  

5. The Plant Shop

If you are looking for a more natural gift make sure to visit The Plant Shop. It provides an array of carefully curated goods and an assortment of unique botanicals. They even provide for their customers more workshops where they can learn more about plants. So if you are looking to fill your home with fresh local plants The Plant Shop is the way to go.