Finding Creativity for You and Your Business

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Finding Creativity for You and Your Business


Creativity.  For some people it seems to come naturally, and for others it seems almost impossible. While creativity seems to ooze from certain people, for most of us it is a slow and painful process.  But as many people will tell you, it is usually worth the work, and can be crucial for success.  Creativity is pretty important in our industry, but more than likely your business could use a healthy dose of it as well.

Creativity is more than just coming up with ideas; it’s putting those ideas in motion.  Creativity isn’t just thinking, it’s creating! People can create art, music, technology, solutions to problems, connections, and opportunities. Creativity is versatile, which is why it is so important to any business.

So what are some ways you can tap into your creativity?  Well, there is no magic formula to become creative overnight. Everyone is different and will access their creativity differently, but here are a few ways to develop your own creativity over time:

Curiosity.  The most creative people will tell you that to boost your creativity you must be constantly asking questions. If you want to be able to create things yourself, then you need to understand how other people’s ideas work.  Use curiosity to better understand the things around you, absorb this information and someday it might come in handy, usually in ways you never would have guessed.

You are what you eat. If you want to produce creativity then you need to expose yourself to creativity.  You can’t expect your mind to output creative ideas if there is your not inputting creative material.  This means you need to nourish your mind with creativity in and outside of your field.  Take in information and creative material, so that your mind will be ready to come up with that creative idea of your own.

Respect revision. You can be as creative as you like, but it won’t be much use if you aren’t willing to revise.  Not every idea is going to be pure gold it’s first time around, get used to the idea of reworking what you come up with, possibly a few different times.  Take other people’s critiques and implement them into your work as you see fit.  Others can have a lot to offer for your creative ideas.

Those are some ways to work on your own creativity. Imagine a super-team of employees all operating at their top creative potential. Sounds like a lot, but there’s steps you can take to get there. Here are some quick tips:

  • Give acknowledgement for good ideas
  • Create an organized environment
  • Promote collaboration
  • Allow time for creative ideas to surface


Creativity can help you and your business immensely.  Creativity is so versatile that it can help any company.  Follow these tips to boost your own creativity and to promote creativity amongst your employees.  It’s crazy what creative ideas can do for your company; give it a try!