Top 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Copywriter

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Top 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Copywriter


When you see “Just Do It”, you’re hit with a bolt of motivation. When you hear, “Because You’re Worth It”, you instantly feel more confident.


Because the written geniuses behind those big brands made it possible. 

Slogans don’t just come out of thin air. Familiar brands didn’t become household names by chance. And taglines didn’t get repeated on accident. Each word was carefully and meticulously chosen to be remembered.

But why? 

Simple. The right words have the power to ignite emotion and create the EXACT feeling your brand needs its customers to experience each time they interact with your product or service. 

One wrong word can send the wrong message, and what’s worse? They keep your brand from reaching its true earning potential. That’s right. The wrong words can actually lose your business money. That’s why hiring professional copywriters matters so much. 

Copywriters, like the ones we have here at Deksia, strategically craft the exact language needed by your brand to connect with your target audience, and start earning TODAY

If you haven’t been convinced yet, keep reading for the top 5 reasons your brand needs a professional copywriter: 


1. Hiring a Copywriter Establishes Authority, Trust, and Drives Sales


What’s a brand’s worth without trust? 

Everything written by an expert copywriter is strategically chosen to establish the brand’s image and reputation. Writing a few simple words does not make just anyone a copywriter. With the specific and highly persuasive strategies of a copywriter, you will be able to: 

  • Build loyalty through brand recognition
  • Create a sense of urgency to buy your product or service
  • Tap into a need that only your product can fulfill 
  • Keep customers moving beyond general interest all the way to checkout
  • Reaffirm to the customer that they made the right choice in purchasing their product

A great example of well-executed copy paying off is the “Here to Help Life Go Right” campaign by State Farm. The mega insurance company strategically paired this tagline with a series of images and scenes that further drives the message home, and shows the benefit of their service. 

This humorous and relatable tagline allowed State Farm to become well-known and recognized as a brand that not only connects to its customers but keeps them from failure. 

Once your customer trusts you, they stop looking at the competition. Fail to earn that trust and you may have to work twice as hard to get them back.


2. Copywriters Get to Know Your Audience on a DEEP Level


Today’s market poses a new set of challenges every day. But there is one thing that stays the same… people 

People have strong and unchanging desires. Every person wants something. Whether it’s to improve themselves or feel connected to others, they each pose a unique challenge. So, how do you reach them?

The first question you need to answer is, who is your target audience? A copywriter studies the psychology, preferences, and vocabulary that will best connect with the audience you want to reach.

Then, a copywriter puts them at the center of the story. They show your customer how your product/service empowers them to finally become the person they were destined to be.  

Copywriters are not only masters of persuasion, but they have the unique ability to reach out to the one person your brand needs on its side. That one person becomes your target audience, then your loyal customer.


3. A Copywriter Consistently Engages Your Target Audience


Once a Copywriter skillfully narrows down your brand’s target audience, their sole job is to cater to their specific needs and pain points. They reach into the hearts and souls and pull out the nitty-gritty details that make them go from viewing the product to having it in their hands before the end of the day.

Copy shows your product to the world. Good copy urges your ideal customer to take action and buy it. 

For example, the recent “Real Beauty” campaign from Dove allowed the company to nearly double in sales. 


After Dove completed an evaluation of their then-current market, they were surprised to learn that they were missing a vital demographic to their brand. They found out that a shocking 70% of women still feel like they are misrepresented by images in the media today. 

Authenticity and natural beauty are what women want, but the societal challenges have left many women resistant to embrace their natural beauty. So, Dove leaped on this advantage to reach out to a massive audience, and speak to their desire to be seen. 

A good company knows its audience. A good copywriter knows how to engage them.


4. A Copywriter Understands the Importance of  Variety


While much of a copywriter’s job is knowing the target audience inside and out, they also know too much of a good thing can actually do the opposite of what you want: make money. 

People’s moods change like the seasons. They don’t always want to read a blog post or an email that says the same thing it said last week. They need different ways to engage. A copywriter can give them that. 

A Copywriter consistently communicates differently. They know the power behind using multiple platforms. The necessity of a break in the text. And the strength behind a few power words. 

Variety doesn’t just keep your customers interested. It sells.


5. A Copywriter Provides Objectivity


You love your brand. But—it’s not about you. You want to be cautious of being too close to your product to sell. Being too close runs the risk of overselling, and if there is something we all know, it’s that we don’t like to feel “sold”. 

Clear messaging and brand perception plays an important role in establishing your brand. If your customer can’t see themselves needing the product, they don’t want it. The last thing you want to do as a business owner is to fail to represent your customers because you can’t detach from your business. 

Copywriters build your brand around your customer, not the other way around.




Your business needs to make magic. At Deksia, we know that. Your brand needs to reach the right people, establish trust and authority, and keep it there. Copywriters help you get it right and engage your audience from day one. Don’t let your brand get lost in all the noise. Let the Copywriters at Deksia help. Schedule a 15-minute call with us today, and find out how we can help you create marketing that works like magic.