Get Your Website to Rank Higher on Search Engines / Internet Marketing

Get Your Website to Rank Higher on Search Engines / Internet Marketing


Search engines are incredible right?  A flood of information is just a simple Google search away, and it produces more results than we know what to do with.  How many times do you go past the second page of results?  The fifth page?  The tenth? Chances are if your website is showing up on the tenth result page of a search, not many people will ever reach your website.  Which is why internet marketing is so important, it helps your site ranke higher on search engines!

The politics and technicalities of Internet marketing and search engine optimization can be tricky but here are a few simple ways to raise your rankings:

Use your keywords wisely. Keywords are important. They identify what your website is about and what it means to the user. Place keywords in headings throughout your site and in a summary of your site’s functions, this makes them easier to identify for your user and the search engine. Make sure your keywords are relevant. DO NOT try to fluff your website up with keywords that have nothing to do with your website. This is one way some sites try to manipulate their rankings and search engine companies like Google will penalize sites that use these tactics.  In general, choose search terms that aren’t too competitive, too general, or too specific to your topic. Find what people will actually search but don’t get lost in the crowd either.

Content. Content. Content.  What makes a great website?  Great content.  One simple trick that most search engine gurus will tell you to boost your rankings is to just have good content.  If you have this then people will visit and link to your site.  If you want users to visit your page, make it worth their time! Do that and they might just come back again.  Concentrate on your content and the ranking will rise all by itself.

Stay active. To raise your rankings, you need to keep your website updated.  Build your website by adding new pages with new content and therefore new plots to plant keywords.  Keep your website active and updated to attract users and to get them to return.  Search engines will favor a website that is active opposed to a site that sits there and does nothing.

Link up! (Carefully) Another important part of updating your website is by connecting links with other websites.  The more links connected to your website, the higher you will be ranked.  But a word of caution, choose your associate links carefully!  We’ve all heard “guilty by association-” well it applies to websites too.  Don’t link with sites that can make your website look bad, this does not look good to users or search engines. Links can help boost your ratings but always keep your user in mind, don’t make your site less accessible because of an overload of links.  Too many just looks tacky.

Optimizing your website for search engines can be really important to the success of your site.  A general word of advice in Internet marketing is to make a good, honest website that is meant to help the users and the rankings will follow.  These tips can help you do just that.