Why DEKSIA Ranked In The Top 15 Advertising & Branding Companies In The Country

Why DEKSIA Ranked In The Top 15 Advertising & Branding Companies In The Country

We’re happy to announce that DEKSIA landed not one—but TWO—spots on the Manifest’s Top 15 lists. If you haven’t heard of The Manifest, check it out. This online research publication site is a sister company of Clutch.co, where our clients leave in-depth reviews of our work. The Manifest helps buyers in the awareness, discovery, and decision-making process of selecting an agency.


We’re thrilled to be included among their top 15 advertising and marketing companies in the United States.




We’re bringing home the silver medal for advertising companies in the United States, according to The Manifest’s latest report. It’s great to be on the podium. But we won’t settle for anything less than gold. Mark our words—next year we’ll be at the top!


“I don’t have exact numbers, but what I can say is that the quality of their work has been exceptional. Often, we win jobs just based on our brand and logo because they are unique, different, and stylish.

Deksia has also definitely increased our presence on the Internet, keeping us at the top of our category. We recently did a three-month study on the leads we were getting from the internet through our website. We’ve seen a substantial increase over the last couple of years with that as well.”




We also came in at #7 for the top branding agencies in the country. Since we specialize in helping small businesses under the $50M mark, we’re flattered to find ourselves punching in the same weight class as those who work on big brands like Sony, Discovery Channel, ESPN, and TED.


“I had a meeting with Deksia about branding before even setting up my business. After this, I continued to use Deksia for marketing for 3 years. I have a professional brand, for which I give Deksia a lot of credit.

Most people think that we’re a franchise, even though we’re only a small company in Grand Rapids, MI. We’ve doubled in size every year since I started using Deksia.


Read more reviews of our work here.



Deksia Branding and Advertising

As we mentioned, our specialty is helping small business owners achieve next-level growth.

With a proven process that we’ve been developing for more than a decade, we help companies make the jump from $2M to $5M. And upward from there.

Entrepreneurs, you know that 20% growth doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires a strategic approach to your business efforts.


That’s why we start with a STRATEGIC MARKETING BUDGET. So you can better understand what you have to spend to achieve the results you want.

During this process, we’ll examine your business goals, growth patterns, customer value, and much more.

Here are a few examples:

Cost per acquisition of a customer

Industry average cost per acquisition of a customer

Annual customer value

Customer lifetime value


From there, you’ll be able to see:

Where you’re going

How much it will cost

What results to expect


Get the roadmap to your end goal, no strings attached.

Sounds good, right?