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47 Branding Tips From Deksia


1. Be consistent: Focus on utilizing the same language, messages & voice everywhere you appear.

2. Hire passionate people that believe in your company as much as you do!

3. Play to your strengths: Your brand is a gathering of your gifts.

4. Does your target audience understand the message your brand sends?

5. Do you know who your target audience is?

6. Does your brand reach your audience’s wants and needs?

7. Write blogs to keep loyal customers up to date with what your brand is doing.

8. Take on teaching opportunities to expand audience interest

9. Make sure visual elements reinforce your identity

10. Stand out from competitors: be the best at what you do

11. Create a brand that has longevity… 30% of the worlds leading brands were developed before 1900

12. Brands have personalities and by behaving consistently they earn trust – just like people

13. Your brand should be authentic

14. Your brands reputation is everything don’t damage it!!

15. Keep an eye on what is being said on social network sites about your brand

16. When you find negative comments about your brand online contact the poster and work to fix the issue

17. Develop a mission statement that shows your reason for being and the value you provide to your customers

18. Develop a memorable tagline that expresses who you are and what you do

19. Diversify all marketing, PR and media to reach the markets where your clients are to be found

20. Get your brand known for niche area of expertise

21. Make your brand known by participating in speaking event

22. Branding your company should be an enjoyable experience!

23. Your brand character should match the character of your company

24. A brand with a strong personality has a greater chance of encouraging a deeper relationship with the consumer

25. You are not all your brand needs: You need readers and interaction in order to move forward and grow.

26. Patience: As with anything building a quality brand takes time and effort

27. Your brand should reach customers where they’re located.

28. Your external brand can only be as good as your internal brand.

29. Keep a positive internal brand… the tone and culture that is conveyed in the workplace

30. What is your external brands attitude… does the public like and trust your brand?

31. Your brand should be something your proud of… show it off!

32. When adding social media sites on your business cards be sure to customize your website… www.facebook.com/Deksia

33. Your brand is like a seal of approval… add it on anything you are sending out or participating in.

34. Partnering with another brand can prove to be helpful in showing company strength… pick your partners WISELY!

35. Lack of continuity with your brand reveals a lack of standards in your company…

36. As the investor Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

37. Create a strong mission statement to stand behind your brand

38. How does your brand stack up to the competitors?

39. Can your audience see why your brand is a better choice over competitors?

40. Does your brand portray character?

41. Gain online followers through social media tools.

42. Brands are composed of tangible and intangible factors… design and values

43. The goal is to develop a brand which will establish your core image in the minds of your target market, just like Starbucks

44. Be aware of your competitors… understand what message they are “selling” with their brand

45. Know what makes your brand unique in the minds of your target audience

46. Do the research to make your brand match its audience

47. Keep your brand alive through evolving your products and services to what your customers want.

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