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Building Brand Identity Design


At Deksia, we strongly believe in utilizing the brand identity design of the clients we work with.  Branding your corporate identity is not only important to how you promote yourself out there in the marketing world, but also to how your company operates. It is not only the face of your company, but the character as well. Finding what your company is all about is incredibly important to reaching your customers effectively.  Brand identity is a first impression, and from it stems a company’s reputation.

When it comes to branding we have a four-step process that we call Think, Crawl, Walk, and Run.  When we work with a client, we take them through this process to find out how to promote them the most effectively.  Finding your brand identity is part of our Think step.  Brand identity is so important that it is where we like to begin.

Think. That’s our first step; we sit down and think about it with you.  We find out about your company, what you want it to be, and what it is now.  Your company not only has an identity, but it has one that can be used to reach your customers. We think through it with you and develop our plan from there.

Customer Customized.  But are your thoughts the most important?  Probably not.  What we care about most is what your customers think of your company!  We find out who your customers are, what they want out of a business like yours, and implement this information into your brand identity.   How are you perceived?  How do you want to be perceived?  Developing your brand identity finds the answer to these questions.

Don’t just fit in- stand out.  We know your company is unique, so we want to show that to your customers.  When we build a brand identity we look at the market and specifically at your competitors.  How is your company different?  What can you do to be better?  We want to find this out and make it a part of how we market you.  Finding your niche and using it shows customers you are unique and can direct your company’s decisions.

Putting the pieces together. Once we have all of this information, we build the brand.  Of course design matters. Taglines, colors, logos, fonts…it all matters, but we do this through the lens of your company’s identity.  We want to make sure that all of our work is consistent with what’s at the core of your company.  After all of this work is done can we start the real work: advertising your business.

We know brand identity is important, that’s why when we begin working with a client we start with it. Every company has an identity, how you use it affects how your customers see you and ultimately how successful you are.  Identify your identity and go from there.

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