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Building The Genzink Brand For A Competitive Edge


The Carol Genzink brand is a home sales service that takes pride in their trust and responsiveness with their clients. Carol Genzink is located in Holland, Michigan and was started in 2004. The Carol Genzink brand is focused on faith and trust. They have built their company off of these attributes and are dedicated to sticking with it. Their brand statement says it all, “Through responsive communication our clients have faith in our knowledge and trust in our relationship”.

Their key competitors are Andrea Crossman, Beth Foley and Lindsey Lehman. After doing extensive research on these competitors, it was found that Carol Genzink’s competitive advantage is her focus on trust and responsiveness. Carol Genzink’s ability to communicate and be responsive to her clients in a faithful and knowledgeable way is what sets her apart from the rest.

Carol Genzink’s key stakeholders are going to be business executives. The secondary stakeholders are doctors, lawyers and business owners. Carol Genzink is geared toward upper class business professionals. A stereotype of what we think will be an example of one of Carol Genzink’s clients would be Michael Howard, a 47-year-old business professional who drives a Lexus and has an iPhone. He watches Mad Men and gets his clothes from Brooks Brothers. His favorite music is the great Frank Sinatra and he enjoys eating at upscale restaurants including Ruth’s Chris.

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