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Why Your Small Business Should Have An App

Apps aren’t just for big corporations like Starbucks and Target. More and more small businesses are releasing their own apps to provide consumers with an easy way to interact with their brands. Customers are spending an increasing amount of time interacting with mobile devices, so it only makes sense to provide them with a constant reminder of your business in the form of an app. A quality app acts as a capsule for your brand, providing contact information, products, news and promotions, all in one space.

Bringing together all aspects of your business in one portable place will also help your brand’s overall customer engagement. No matter where he or she may be, if a consumer wants to know when your store opens or if you’re having a sale next week, they can refer to your app on their phone or tablet for a quick and easy answer. With over two-fifths of the world’s population using smart phones, it just makes sense to engage with this platform. Doing so makes your services available not just locally, but globally.

While small businesses should consider developing their own mobile app, many still have not done so. If you make an app available for your own business now, you can give your brand an advantage over your competitors, as customers will view your business as more forward-thinking and current. While the bells and whistles may vary, it makes a lot of sense in the current marketing landscape to invest in an app of your own. Determine what you think your customers would like to see in your app and work with a developer to achieve that vision.

If you have further questions about developing an app for your business, feel free to email us at info@deksia.com or call us at 616-570-8111.

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