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What Is Deksia?

In a broad sense, Deksia is a marketing company in Grand Rapids. Some of our notable clients include Second Time Around Furniture and Anchorpoint Christian Schools. If you like to eat out or frequent the downtown restaurants, you can see our work in the Gilmore Collection restaurants and at Rockwell’s/Republic. In addition, you can see our work in the brand development of Eastown Veterinary Clinic. There are many marketing firms in Grand Rapids but Deksia has one of the most vast portfolios in the industry.

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Deksia is excellent with creating a one-of-a-kind brand. Josh Conran is one of the partners in the Grand Rapids marketing firm. He says that “depending on who our client is, we tailor a unique social media strategy.” One specific example of this is the Eastown Veterinary Clinic’s Facebook page. Another example of Deksia’s work was put together in the form of a brochure for The Troxel Company; this particular client specializes in building homes and forming a warm working relationship with their clients. “It was a unique client,” Conran says, “so we tried to tailor a brochure that could speak to the client on a more personal level. We created a customizable brochure for our client, by their client.” Based on what Troxel’s prospective client was looking for, they could put different pieces of information inside of the brochure, which would then fold up into a neat package. Deksia also created their signage and website to reflect “the way they speak and interact with clients,” Conran says.

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In marketing firms Grand Rapids, with so many options, that message is important when attracting and retaining those clients. Deksia’s method of research and innovative design has led them to boast 65 percent growth in 2011, appearing in Print Magazine, winning multiple awards, and receiving invitations to speak at engagements around the country. “It’s been exciting,” Conran says, “and has opened new markets.”

Even the most niche of clients can develop their brand with Deksia. Shine, a West Michigan-based company, specializes in window cleaning and holiday lighting. Deksia devised a campaign where they sent out ambiguous, teasing mailers. The first would say “25 days until,” the second said, “18 days until the lighting?” then, “11 days until the lighting of your tree.” Finally, they sent out a box of candy canes and made the final push. Josh recalls that “[Shine] just landed a $25,000 contract, and now he’s franchising. But four years ago, he was one man with a truck. Now he’s got four or five different franchises.”

Prior to Deksia’s home at 100 Stevens SW, the Grand Rapids marketing firm was housed in 1111 Godfrey SW, a large warehouse space full of artists and innovators, and also home to the yearly arts event, Destination 1111. So they’re accustomed to being a part of an artsy culture, something Conran thinks is increasing in Grand Rapids. Deksia also has employees who work out of Des Moines.

Deksia also enjoys being involved in the community, donating time and talent to nonprofits and churches, so you just might see us around. Click here to view Deksia’s client portfolio. If you are seeking advertising agencies in Grand Rapids or a marketing consulting company in Grand Rapids, look no further!

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