The Strategic Marketing Blueprint – Explained

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The Strategic Marketing Blueprint – Explained

Deksia’s Strategic Marketing Blueprint is revolutionizing marketing processes and systems for small business.

The Blueprint doesn’t merely grow small business financially. The Blueprint has expanded countless small business owners’ vision and perspective about what they can achieve with marketing strategy – in ways they didn’t even know were possible before. 


How the Blueprint helps small business

Many lives have been affected by the Blueprint. 117 people related to leaf and debris blower manufacturer Hurricane Power (employees, their families, and others) were positively impacted due to business growth. Commercial window service Shine saw a whopping 242 people affected by the Blueprint – an immense amount for a business that started with only one professional and a truck. 

The Strategic Marketing Blueprint is shifting the paradigm on how small businesses develop, strategize, and execute their marketing efforts. The Blueprint offers strategic tools for success all but reserved for large companies with enormous marketing budgets. The Blueprint has scaled the process for small business – taking loose tactics and unifying them in an insight-driven, success-motivated, and results-ensured strategy.


Breaking down the marketing process via the Blueprint

The Blueprint consists of three different parts: research, brand audit, and a strategic plan. Each piece is key to small business success:

  • Research: In an industry based off assumptions and guesswork, the Blueprint is based on shareholder, client, and competitive research insights to take client thinking from “I think I know what my brand is” to “I know what my brand is!”
  • Brand Audit: The Blueprint analyzes the visual, written, and digital communications of a brand and evaluates how well small business is communicating with their minimum viable audience based on the Big Idea, the essential core of a brand.
  • Strategic Plan: Everything leads to this part of the Blueprint. This part is a clear course of action to drive small businesses to success. All aspects of small business marketing efforts – digital, creative, you name it – are strategic above all else.


Proven results of the Deksia Blueprint

The Blueprint has been an invaluable tool for the small businesses we serve every day. Falcon, a luxury custom home builder, has seen an annual growth rate of 190%. Home restoration professional John Grace saw a yearly growth rate of almost 540% after using the Deksia Blueprint.

The Deksia Strategic Marketing Blueprint is a transformative and game-changing process for small business. It makes an impact on every aspect of a small business – from business systems to employees and beyond. The Blueprint produces substantial growth, results, and progress impacting small businesses in ways that are felt by all involved.

With the Deksia Blueprint, small business owners can truly focus on building their business.