Fuel The Fire With Social Media Sites

Fuel The Fire With Social Media Sites


Utilizing social media sites can be very beneficial to your business.  Some suggest only being on one or two social media sites, while others strongly believe being active on as many social media platforms as possible is the best way to go.  One thing is certain – social media is becoming vital in a business’s success.  Most companies have a Facebook, so here is some interesting information about a few other popular social media sites that can help you attract more customers.

YouTube is gaining popularity as a key search tool.  Some people are even choosing YouTube over Google these days because of YouTube’s ability to not only answer a question, but to demonstrate the solution to a problem.  Posting fun and interesting videos to YouTube is a great way for your company to gain exposure and followers.
Pinterest is growing exponentially with products readily available for review and purchase.  Even if you don’t have products to sell, it is a great advertising platform and allows consumers to feel connected to your brand.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.  LinkedIn has less “noise” and more information.  Posting available jobs, the latest news about your business, and links to your website are all ways you can utilize this network.

Twitter allows for quick sharing of a message, photo, article, or anything else you may want to post.  In addition to short, informative messages, hashtags enable your posts to be seen more often.  For example, in this tweet “New pizza will be revealed this Friday #pizza #GrandRapids #PizzaRUS”.  Search results for #pizza, #GrandRapids or #PizzaRUS will include your post, which allows for more exposure. Tweet daily, and for maximum exposure, tweet between 1-3pm.

Blogging is another great tool.  Keep your followers engaged and informed by blogging about what your company is doing, useful hints/tools, new products, or anything else relevant to your company.  Blogs don’t have to be long, but try to keep them informative and interesting.