So you want to be a digital marketer? Digital marketing is a broad field that ranges from web development to copywriting and everything in between. If you’re just getting started, there’s a lot to learn. Even the most experienced digital marketers continue to evolve as technology advances. But the marketing field will continue to see exponential… Read more »

How long to get SEO rankings?   You’ve probably asked yourself, or someone, “How long does it take to get good SEO rankings?”. If so, you’re not unlike those who requested this question to be addressed at the SEO Smackdown Event taking place on November 8th at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Even in 2016 there is… Read more »

There’s an old saying along the lines of “great writing can’t be taught.” To a degree, this is true, mainly in the fiction world. But when it comes to writing for marketing, experts in today’s field have it down to a formula. Brian Clark, former lawyer, realtor, and now seasoned copywriter, has taken the somewhat… Read more »

Advertising Case Study: Yello Dumpster Yello Dumpster is a roll off dumpster rental company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Once Deksia took over Yello’s branding, it was determined that Yello could greatly benefit from a strong digital advertising presence. Deksia saw the greatest opportunity for growth by building a Google Adwords account. The Yello Dumpster… Read more »

Are you looking to your service or product for marketing direction? Do you just “wing it” when it comes to A/B testing? You could be one of the many businesses contributing to the billions of dollars a year in lost online retail revenue. Talia Wolf, founder and CEO of Conversioner, sat down with Unbounce for… Read more »