A Marketing Strategy That Works [Updated for 2024]

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A Marketing Strategy That Works [Updated for 2024]



Grow Your Business and
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Every business needs a reliable way for generating customers. For most of history, marketing plans and media plans have been just as good as the other.

However, media plans today are more concerned about eye-grabbing flashy photos and advertisements, whereas marketing plans have evolved to account for digital channels and websites. 

Old marketing tactics are hyper-focused on buying attention: what ads will the company create? Where will they run? How often?

The problem with this perspective is that in today’s world, attention can’t just be bought; it has to be earned. 

With the rise of the internet, more businesses than ever before have the opportunity to be successful.

And because the market is so flooded, it has never been more difficult to keep customers’ attention. 

Today, the success of your marketing depends on how well all your marketing assets complement each other.

Your marketing strategy is like the blueprint for building a customer-generating machine. You need a comprehensive multi-channel, multi-message, long-term approach to succeed. 

Here is how Deksia is creating marketing strategies that transform businesses into lead-generating machines in 2023. 


The Deksia Approach…



Everything in your marketing plan must work to strengthen your identity, connect with your ideal customers, and differentiate you from your competitors.

Before you can create a marketing plan that works, you need to have a deep understanding of your brand, and your customers’ needs. 

When Deksia begins a marketing strategy project, we set out to understand the company’s vision, the customers’ needs, and the markets that it competes in.

We then work with the company to build a strategy, and our creative team goes to work. With the information we discover, we produce plans that ensure the company is investing their time and attention where it will have the highest return. 

After we launch the strategy, we audit its performance to find gaps and improve them.

Below, I’ve broken down the ingredients to make a successful marketing strategy— the Deksia way. 


Your brand is like a person with a unique personality. Before creating a marketing strategy, audit your brand to uncover the truths and insights of its identity.

You want to gain an understanding of who your business is internally, and how your business is perceived by the public (try simply Googling yourself, and paying attention to reviews). 

Find out the necessary information about your customers like demographics, location, and the problems they’re having that your business/service answers.

And lastly, make sure you have a deep understanding of what’s going on in your markets so you can identify things that could impact the plan or campaign you’re creating. 

Make sure that you have ALL of the information necessary for making good decisions before you move forward. Do your homework!

A good discovery process will not only save you time and money, but it will make your marketing plan significantly more successful.

Through discovery comes knowledge, and transformation.

Brand Strategy.

A strong brand strategy is the thread for sewing a strong marketing strategy. When Deksia strategizes a brand, we explore your archetype through a Story Architecture lens.

Brands are more clear and powerful when they embody a primary character archetype. This gives life, meaning, and authenticity to their story. 

Doing the work to polish your brand and to gain a better understanding of your audience allows you to more accurately strategize your marketing tactics and increase your ROI.

A strong brand with a tailored marketing strategy has the power to become a lead generating machine. 

You can use what you learned about your brand through auditing and brand strategy to assess if you’re existing assets and advertising goals align with your new and improved brand. You should be able to identify:

  • What’s working well and you can do more of
  • What isn’t working well and needs to be improved
  • Where there are gaps and how to fill them
  • Which new opportunities should be pursued and how to prioritize them

With all of the building blocks you’ve gathered from the discovery process, you can begin to highlight your best features and create the core messaging that unites all of your marketing tactics.

You’re now in a position to create a focused marketing strategy that (with a little elbow grease) will transform your business.

Marketing Strategy.


What you uncovered through discovery and brand strategy allows you to focus your marketing efforts in the places that really need them. With your goals defined, you can strategize purposeful marketing funnels that achieve results and meet ROI’s. 

Focused marketing strategies create funnels that meet and exceed their ROI’s because they do more than just produce a few good advertisements.

They create great ads, a comprehensive strategy, and they harness data like key metrics to continuously evolve the company’s message and improve results. 

However, the real key ingredient in a powerful marketing strategy is— creativity.


Creativity brings your message to life. Your brand and marketing strategy should drive how you design your logo, the color palette you use, and how you position your messaging. You want to create assets that your business/service needs to reach the right audience and that meet that audience’s needs. 

From your brand, to photo and video assets, to advertising, to websites and tradeshows, create captivating assets that meet the right audience, and make your message sing.

Now that you’ve done all of this hard work to recreate your brand, marketing strategy, and creative assets, you have to manage them to make sure that they remain current and achieve their goals. 


Even a great brand with a focused marketing strategy doesn’t become successful overnight. 

Once you launch your marketing strategy, you should monitor its progress and track your key metrics (along with how users are navigating your website) in order to collect data and continuously make improvements that meet your customers’ needs. 

Implementing a marketing strategy is complex, and it’s a full-time job.

Deksia was founded by entrepreneurs to serve entrepreneurs. Our history of business ownership gives us the business intelligence necessary to help you prioritize your budget and maximize your ROI.

Free up some time in your schedule and let us help you create a powerful marketing strategy that drives results.