Introducing Alex Gonzales: Our Newest Team Member and Brand Analyst Prodigy

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Introducing Alex Gonzales: Our Newest Team Member and Brand Analyst Prodigy

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Alex Gonzales, our newest Deksia team member. He comes to us from Mount Pleasant, by way of Central Michigan University, where he’s finishing up his final year in advertising. With a full-time gig before he’s even done with college, we consider him something of a prodigy.

What’s his secret? A high school teacher once caught him goofing off (more specifically, buying a Morphsuit online during class) and said, “What are we going to do about your career?” That single question got Alex thinking, and the rest is history. We’re happy to report that his Morphsuit days are now (mostly) over, and we couldn’t be luckier to have him on board.

As a Brand Analyst, Alex’s job is to understand the market and analyze the way customers relate. He gets excited about research-backed strategy, because it’s so clear-sighted. It gives you a wide view and then allows you to narrow in on what’s important. The intersection of facts and creativity is his sweet spot, which is probably why, in his free time, he’s playing guitar and learning German.

People say German is an ugly-sounding language, but Alex gets a kick out of the complexities  (16 ways to say “the!”). At the same time, he’s drawn to music, where the first thing he learned is that there are no rules and no one right way to play. It’s just a matter of learning techniques and applying them in different ways. Though he’s been practicing bass for a couple of years, Alex has recently picked up the electric guitar. He considers Paul McCartney, a fellow lefty, his spirit animal.

His favorite thing about working for a smaller agency like Deksia is the flexibility. Everyone wears more than one hat and does multiple jobs. As a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy (and a fellow craft beer enthusiast), we’d say Alex fits right in.