Breaking News: Deksia named #22 in Clutch Top 1000

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Breaking News: Deksia named #22 in Clutch Top 1000


In many ways, 2020 was a year unlike any other. However, some things remain the same: the earth still orbits around the sun, gasoline still costs more than anyone wants it to, and Tom Brady is on his way to yet another Superbowl. Another thing that remained the same was Clutch, the B2B ratings and reviews site, released their “Top 1000” list.

Deksia has been named #22 in the Clutch Top 1000.

According to Clutch, “The Clutch 1000 is the firm’s most exclusive award, representing only the top 1% of companies listed on the site.” That puts Deksia in the top 2.2% of the top 1% of B2B marketing companies. Do you know who else is in the top 1% of their profession? Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Russell Wilson! You could say that if Deksia were a football player they would have 8 Super Bowl rings!

What Makes Deksia Different?

Deksia stands apart from all of the other B2B marketing companies because our proven process creates marketing that works. At Deksia, our process is a repeatable system that creates marketing assets for our clients that work like magic. How? By first deeply understanding your vision and then communicating it with bracing clarity to your ideal customers. Because this process is repeatable, we can continually improve your marketing efforts year, after year, no matter what comes your way. That’s the Deksia difference.

So What?

If you need marketing services including strategy, branding, websites, digital advertising, or photo and video services and you’d like to work with the Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, or Peyton Manning of B2B marketing contact “Clutch Top 1000” award recipient: Deksia today! Not only does Deksia provide marketing services for B2B companies but we welcome B2C companies as well.