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The Electric Cheetah Near Downtown Grand Rapids


This bistro was very active on the Thursday night I had the opportunity to stop and see what they had to offer. The Electric Cheetah is easily found on Wealthy Street near downtown Grand Rapids. Prior to setting our sites for the Electric Cheetah, a Google search was preformed followed by a quick evaluations of the menu and prices. Passing the test we decided to try it out.


When we arrived we were seated in the corner booth next to the window there was no doubt we had the best seat in the place. We could see everything that was going on, inside and out. From the waiters taking orders and delivering food to the pedestrians walking down the sidewalks, we wouldn’t miss a thing from our seats. The service was great, we were brought waters and menus simultaneously as we were seated and given the appropriate amount of time to find what we wanted to order which was a difficult choice for all three of us. Being at a new place, one never quite knows what to try. The first question in your mind is always “do I get the safe choice that every restaurant offers (AKA chicken strips) or should I try something new?” We all decided earlier that night that we wanted to try something new. That just leads to the question of what to get? Was someone going to try the “I’m Not My Brothers Sandwich” or “The Club Tickle”? There were so many choices, but after some deliberation it was decided I would try “Western Chef Jeff’s Chaps.” The waiter returned and the three of us ordered. We were all eager for our meals to arrive to our table; while we waited we discussed plans for the weekend. Not a lot of time passed when our waiter brought out our meals. Everything looked delicious. As we started to taste everything we discovered it all was fresh and flavorful. We started to swap items with each other until we all had tried everything. Everything was phenomenal!

After the festivities of the night were over I took a closer look at the website to see what more I could learn. I was intrigued to find that they use over 20 local businesses and believe in keeping as much local business as they can. Their website also directs you to their blog, which gives you a little peak at The Electric Cheetah’s past as well as some fun pictures and videos of the customers. When you get a chance, stop in to The Electric Cheetah and see for yourself how great of an experience it is to dine there.

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