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At Deksia, an important part of our mission is training young talent to be successful in the advertising, design, and marketing industries. We take the commitments we make to our interns and apprentices seriously, believing that real-world work experience is in most cases more valuable than academic training alone.

What is the difference between an internship and an apprenticeship? How do they work and how do you apply? Keep reading below and discover if this path is right for you.


Launch Your Career

In nearly every case, our apprentices have completed their internship at Deksia, distinguished themselves, and shown the ability to make strong contributions in an area of need.

Apprenticeships are full-time paid positions and structured to give you hands-on-training with progressively expanding responsibility for the eight months of employment with us. Regular reviews keep you on track and as your apprenticeship ends, you either receive an offer of full-time, permanent employment with us or our help in finding your next position.

  • Full-time, 40-hours per week
  • Paid
  • Four months at Apprenticeship I, four months at Apprenticeship II


Real Experience, Real Work

Internships at Deksia provide a fast-paced introduction to what life is like in a nimble marketing agency. You will gain exposure to real clients, learn the ropes, apply your skills, and receive hands-on mentorship from experienced professionals.

While the work and the experience are real, we take seriously the part that we’re able to play in our interns’ education and development. We take pride in the frequent comments from interns that they learned more in three months at Deksia than they did in four years of college.

  • Part-time, 20-hours per week
  • Unpaid
  • Three months

"My time at Deksia was amazing, and not just because of the encouraging group of people I got to work with. I learned so much from my mentors and my coworkers, who were always willing to answer any question I had. "

"DEKSIA sparked my interest in the digital marketing world and has led me down my current career path. I’m sure they have invested more in me than what they realize. They did this without expecting anything in return, which is telling for what kind of company they are."

"The most important thing I learned at Deksia was the importance of company culture. Deksia had a good balance of hard work and fun. I was hired on during a super busy season for Market Research. It definitely was a lot of hard work, but all of it felt pretty rewarding."

"I would highly recommend an internship with Deksia. The in-depth learning and experience greatly enhanced my abilities. The whole team adds to this, even if you are not their intern.”"

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